Our services include but are definitely not limited to…

Custom Metal Work (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Metal)


This is where it all started. Our one off designs and creative use of steel, wood, glass, cable and stone (e.g. granite/marble) give you an unlimited amount of options. As we always tell our customers if you can imagine it, we can build it. It’s usually best to let the photos speak for us in this category. We also offer many commercial railings.


Our structural services can include the use of columns and I-beams to open and strengthen your structure like wood cant. Steel decks can be built to integrate steel staircases and railings for a no-hardware, seamless finished product. We offer catwalks, walk bridges, pit ladders, or egress window escape ladders for commercial and residential, just like everything we make. Whether you’re looking for mild steel, stainless or aluminum.


Alger customs creates custom residential and commercial staircases for any space. On top of the fact that we are able to cost effectively build long lasting, attractive steel staircases; we are experienced with some of the most difficult architectural staircase builds. Among those are: elliptical, single horse, floating and suspended stairs. We are also experienced in designing and constructing railings to go with all of these different types of systems.

Fences and Gates

These two often go hand in hand. Steel fences and gates offer excellent security while still allowing for an esthetically appeasing design. Power swinging or sliding gates are nothing out of the ordinary for us. Electromagnetic locks and security gates are all in our resume.

Doors, Screens and Covers

This list could go on and on, but just to name a few: egress window covers with hydraulic assist doors for fire escape, wine cellar doors, residential elevator shaft doors, storm doors, cold air return covers, floor vents, fireplace screens, equipment screens and chimney caps. The sky is the limit! Use your imagination!


To give you an idea of what were capable of here are some examples:
  • Giant suspended aluminum frames for enormous hanging light fixtures
  • Engineering a “van-style door” crib for a handicapped mother (see video on right)
  • Creating custom furniture of all types
  • Many different light fixtures
  • Rollers and drive systems to restore antique amusement equipment
  • Large standing and hanging 3D art
  • Sanitary stainless if your situation calls for it. We are familiar with all FDA regulations and requirements.


Welding, CNC Plasma cutting and Finishes/Coatings

Welding and repair for all types of materials, portable welding, plasma cutting, house numbers, wall art or any other part of your design, up to 5’ wide x 10’ long x ¾” thick. 90% of our work is powder coated but there are many other options. For example, polished stainless/aluminum, nickel/chrome plating, wet coat paint, acid treatment and gun barrel blue.

Sand Blasting

We are set up for full service, portable sand blasting. We can handle car frames, trailers, even stop lights. No job is too small!

CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)


Holdenreid-cropWe draft our projects on the computer first, to get exactly what we want with perfect measurements to fit the exact space.