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Alger Customs is a family owned “high-end” steel and aluminum fabrication company. Our company started with a passion for creating unique and original pieces of functional architecture. The upscale homes built around the Iowa Great Lakes created a local market that would sustain a business that focused on just that.

 At Alger Customs, we are committed to quality, innovative design and customer service. We like to learn about the needs and the design preferences of our clients, and then see the project through from concept to installation. Most of our customers become friends and we strive to deliver quality craftsmanship and hard work to each project.

Structural, Commercial, Industrial, Sanitary Stainless & Residential

Water Jet & Plasma CNC Cutting

CNC Press Braking, Machining & Tube Rolling

Powder Coating Accurate Coats

Featured Projects

Our feature projects are unique and customized to our clients homes or businesses. We specialize and strive to create custom builds for you to express your own style and add the finishing touch your home or business may be missing. 

We feature elegant railings and stairways to make any guest in your home be blown away. Or provide your business with accessible yet beautiful handrails. We can make the outside of your home or business stand out to any person who passes by and also add one-of-a-kind special touches to your doors, fences or entrance gates.